Funny Pokemon Jokes Status in English

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100+ Funny Pokemon Jokes Status in English | Pokemon Go !
100+ Funny Pokemon Jokes Status in English | Pokemon Go !

Pokemon Jokes Status in English

1. “Young Indians are visiting temples more frequently due to Pokemon Go 😉 !! Crazy !”

2. “Random boy ; yells  Hey girl what’s up?
Me: boy bye I’m playing Pokemon Go.”

3. “Are you a pikachu? Because you are shockingly beautiful.”

4. “Me: “what should we do tonight? It’s Friday.”
Bae: “play Pokemon Go”
HAH bitch, no wrong answer. Think again.”

5. “Good girls don’t show boys their Jigglypuffs.”

6. “Everywhere I walk at the beach everyone playing Pokemon go including me.”

7. “Q: Why did the Wailmer cross the road?
A: To get to the other tide!”

8. “I don’t go out in public to find Pokemon, I go out in public to find rocks.”

9. “Team valor has taken my closest pokemon gym and this is unacceptable.”

10. “I intended to make a pokemon go joke here but i like this one better.”

Pokemon Center

11. “Whosever Job It Is To Build More Pokémon Go Servers Lives Matter > Blue Lives Matter.”

12. “Roses are red, violets are blue.”

13. “Q: What does one Geodude say to the other Geodude?
A: Let’s rock!”

14. “How do you get a Bulbasaur on a bus? You poke ’em on!”

15. “Q: What is a Pokémon fan’s favorite place to go in France?
A: Paras!”

16. “Q: What do you call a scout that likes to chew gum while climbing Pikes Peak?
A: A Peak-A-Chewer!”

17. “My girlfriend was about to catch a rare pokemon, but decided to take azelf-ie.”

18. “Q: What did the judge say when a Skunktank came into the court?
A: Odor  in the court!”

19. “Q: What’s Wailord’s favorite TV show?
A: Whale of Fortune”

20. “Q: What does an electric-type Pokémon say when they get gassy while drinking milk?
A: I’m Zaptos intolerant!”

Pokemon Games Jokes

21. “Q: What do you do when your Loudred evolves?
A: Buy more earplugs!”

22. “I asked my dad why a grown man would play Pokemon Go? He said Way Not…”

23. “Q: Which Pokémon could also be a pirate?
A: Arrrrrr-ceus”

24. “Q: What do you call a daredevil Weedle who does stunts on a motorcycle?
A: Weedle Knievell”

25. “Where do you find a scary pokemon? At the Gastly Station.”

100+ Funny Pokemon Jokes Status in English | Pokemon Go !
100+ Funny Pokemon Jokes Status in English | Pokemon Go !

26. “If you were a Pokemon, I’d choose you I like to Pikachu when you’re naked!”

27. “Hey girl, lemme see them Jigglypuffs. My love for you burns like a Charizard’s tail.”

28. “Can I fingerbang you, with my Bulbasaur?”

29. “”

30. “There are a lot of Magicarp in the sea, but I’m looking for a Gyarados.”

Pokemon Images

31. “Want to register your number in my PokeNav?”

32. “If I were a Nidoking, you would be my Nidoqueen.”

33. “I’d like to ride you like a HORSEA.”

34. “You’re such a good catch, I think i’ll use my only MASTER BALL on you.”

35. “Looking at your ass makes my bulba soar.”

36. “You remind me of Pokemon, I just want to Pikachu.”

37. “Will you use ROCK POLISH on my Pokeballs?”

38. “Is that a Sudowoodo in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?”

39. “I wish you were the ground and I was a Diglett so I could be inside of you.”

40. “Hey girl are you into pokemon because I’d like to skwortle on dim jigglelypuffs”

Funny Pokemon Puns

41. “When I look at you, my Metapod can’t get any harder.”

42. “Do you wanna play my Poke Flute?”

43. “Do you wanna battle? ‘Cuz my balls are at the ready!”

44. “I don’t need my Poke-Dex to find YOUR Ghastly.”

45. “If I were a Milktank, I’d use ATTRACT on you.”

46. “Hey girl you make my caterpie go metapod”

47. “Groudon is red, Kyogre is blue, if you were a Pokmon, I’d choose you.”

48. “When I’m around you, I am like a Geodude, as hard as a rock!”

49. “Do you wanna play with my Poke Balls?”

50. “Aye baby are you a flareon? because you’re a sexy fox”

100+ Funny Pokemon Jokes Status in English | Pokemon Go !
100+ Funny Pokemon Jokes Status in English | Pokemon Go !

Fun Pokemon Funny

51. “Have you seen my master balls?”

52. “I’ve got Masterballs baby.”

53. “Can I Squirtle on your Jiggleypuffs?”

54. “I heard you cant escape them You want me to become Charmander? Cause my penis is on fire right now.”

55. “Oh my! I think something may have mega evolved in my pants!!! -professor sycamore”

56. “Want to Link your cable onto me? I’d like to Leech my Seeds into you.”

57. “My Pokeballs are SWIFT in your mouth.”

58. “Do you like Pokeballs because you’re about to get really close to one of mine.”

59. “I think I need a Paralyze Heal, because you’re stunning.”

60. “You put the “Wiggle” in Wigglytuff.”

Funny Pokemon Jokes

61. “Are you a RARE CANDY? ‘cuz I feel a level-up.”

62. “Aipom’s pretty good with his hands, and so am I.”

63. “If you were a Pokemon, I’D CHOOSE YOU!”

64. “My Shellder wants to clamp onto your Slowpoke’s tail!”

65. “My Donphan won’t ROLLOUT for you much longer.”

66. “You’re such a good catch, i think i’ll use my only MASTER BALL on you.”

67. “What is Pikachu’s favorite candy? Shock~tarts!”

68. “What is the difference between Snorlax and a pillow? One sleeps a lot and the other gets sleeped on a lot!”

69. “Which Pokemon can count to 3 in Spanish? Arctic-uno, Zap-dos, Mol-tres.”

70. “Why does Psyduck always hold its head?  Because Psyducks scared its head will come off!”

Pokemon April Fools

71. “Why would a Golduck be a good soccer player? Because it’s always kicking goals! (Goal-Duck)”

72. “What do Hitmonlee&Hitmonchan have in common? They’re both hitmans!”

73. “How do you fit 5 snorlaxes on a train? You “pok’em’on! (poke them on) Get it got it good!”

74. “Let’s make like a Super Rod and hook up.”

75. “Why did the boy throw a butter stick with a free coincase out of the Window?  To see a butterfree. (P.S he was dum)”

100+ Funny Pokemon Jokes Status in English | Pokemon Go !
100+ Funny Pokemon Jokes Status in English | Pokemon Go !

76. “How do you make a Pikablu? Make a Pikachu hold its breath! (He will probably be KOed of no air but you suceeded in making a pikablu + u get him back when hes healed)”

77. “What pokemon spells snake and kobra backwards? Arbok and Ekans.”

78. “What does Snorlax and someones father have in common? They always snore.”

79. “Why did squirtle enter the swimming challenge in the olyimpics? He thought it would be a blast! (Has to do with water)”

80. “Why did the boy throw a bucket of water on a kingdra?  To see kingdra use waterfall!”

Pokemon Go

81. “Why Psyduck is a good sailor? Because it always say Psy “aye aye! (Aye Aye Sir!)”

82. “How do you get an Electabuzz? Catch Buzz Lightyear and elect a president in the same day!”

83. “Why didn’t kadabra have his spoons with him in the morning? Because he was to busy eating cereal in the morning!”

84. “How about you come and see my safari zone.”

85. “What song did Tracey sing on the holidays? We wish you a Maril Christmas.”

86. “How would you like me to use my Onix to BIND you to my bed?”

87. “Can I get into YOUR Secret Base?”

88. “Do you wanna see my POLI-WAG?”

89. “Those are some nice HOOTHOOTS you got there.”

90. “Your more beautiful than a Beautifly.”

Pokemon Center

91. “Like an Umbreon, I also evolve at night.”

92. “You’ve got the lips of a Jynx!”

93. “The name’s cock..i mean brock..wait, i said that right..”

94. “Do you wanna see what’s in my ball bag?”

95. “My Gyarados is BIG enough for you to ride it ALL day and night.”

96. “I wanna see your Squirtle squirt.”

97. “Can I fertilize you with my sunkern?”

98. “You remind me of Deoxys, you’re out of this world.”

99. “If I was a Pokemon right now, I’d be an Erectabuzz”

100. “Let’s have a Togepi of our own! What’s your favorite Pokemon move?”

100+ Funny Pokemon Jokes Status in English | Pokemon Go !
100+ Funny Pokemon Jokes Status in English | Pokemon Go !

Pokemon Games Jokes

101. “Yo momma’s so fat she makes Snorlax look like a slim jim in comparison.”

102. “When is a baseball player like a spider? A. When he catches a fly!”

103. “What goes 99 thump,99 thump,99 thump? A: A centipede with a wooden leg.”

104. “Why wouldn’t they let the butterfly into the dance? A: Because it was a mothball.”

105. “When did the fly fly? A: When the spider spied her!”

106. “What’s worse than a worm in your apple? A: Half a worm.”

107. “What did the dog say to the flea? A: Stop bugging me!”

108. “Who comes to a picnic but is never invited? A: Ants.”

109. “What kind of fly has a frog in its throat? A: A hoarse fly!”

110. “What letter can hurt you if it gets too close? A: B (bee)”

Pokemon Images

111. “What do frogs order when they go to a restaurant? A: French Flies.”

112. “What do you call two ants that run away to get married? A: Ant-elopes!”

113. “What do you call a fly without wings? A: A walk.”

114. “Your mom is so fat, when people saw her they thought she was Mega Wailord”

115. “Your mom is so fat, the game creators would need to make giga versions of berries for them to work in her Y”

116. “What’s Meowth’s favorite day of the week and someone who has a job? Pay Day!”

117. “Yo momma’s so nasty she string shots my Diglett on a daily basis.”

118. “Why are A’s like flowers? A: Because bee’s come after them!”

119. “What do you get when you mix pikachu with haunter?  Pikaboo”

120. “Why did the fly never land on the computer? A: He was afriad of the world wide web.”

Funny Pokemon Puns

121. “Why was the ant so confused? A: Because all his uncles were “ants”!”

122. “Ya momma’s so fat that there are evil teams fighting to get control over her right buttock”

123. “What is totaly funny and makes dogs itch? A: The Flea Stooges!”

124. “What do you call a snail on a ship? A: A snailor!”

125. “What is the strongest animal? A: A snail because it carries it’s home.”

126. “Your mom is so fat, when she uses Rock Blast she throws Gigaliths”

128. “What creature is smarter than a talking parrot? A: A spelling bee!”

129. “What do you call a rabbit with beetles all over it? A: Bugs Bunny.”

130. “What is on the ground and also a hundred feet in the air? A: A centipede on its back!”

100+ Funny Pokemon Jokes Status in English | Pokemon Go !
100+ Funny Pokemon Jokes Status in English | Pokemon Go !

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Funny Pokemon Jokes
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