Happy Kiss Day Wishes

1. Law of kissing: any kiss that has been kissed can be re-kissed if the kisser n the kisses agree that d kiss which was kissed was a damn good kiss.

2. I love the way you kiss me on my cheek yet so softly so I just want you to know I want u to be the last they I kiss.

3. When you touch her, don’t touch her with hesitation.. touch her like you own her. trust me, she’ll know the difference.

4. Tumhe najar na lage apne- begane ki, jarurat hai tumhe sabse chhipane ki, aarju hai ki tum hamari ho jao, bhut hasarat hai tumhe sine se lagane ki.

5. With your kiss my life begins, Happy Kiss Day!

6. A first kiss is hard to fake on screen. It’s tempting to practice before you shoot, but why blow that natural awkwardness on a rehearsal? There’s something so beautiful about it that can’t be faked.

7. Kitni ajeeb hai mere undar ki tanhayi bhi. hazaro apne hai magar yad tum hi aate ho.

8. I felt worthy of every kiss I laid upon u for in each of them went part of my heart.

9. People may hear your words, but they feel your attitude.

10. I will remember the kisses, our lips raw with love, and how you gave me everything you had and how I offered you what was left of me.

11. Suna hai tum le lete ho har bat ka badla, aajmayenge kabhi tumhare labo ko chhum kar.

12. Kisses for you! Happy Kiss Day!

13. Smile is the beginning of love. Happy Kiss Day.

14. Every time I look into your eyes, it makes me want to kiss you.

15. Love is a sweet melody, sung by two.

16. The most elequent silence; that of two mouths meeting in a kiss.

17. Kiss me and you will see how important I am.

18. Mana ki marne walon ko bhula dete hain sabhi, zinda ko bhool kar tum ne to riwayat hi badal di.

19. On kiss day, I wish that my each day of some more movement like this.

20. The more you hide your feelings for someone, the more you fall for them.

21. Dil ke sare armaan le jate hai humse, humari pehchan le jate hai, bepanah na chahna kisiko kyo ke, jaan kehne wale he jismi jaan le jate hai.

22. Kiss me if you’ll be my Valentine.

23. Every time you kiss me. I feel on top of the world!

24. With your kiss my life begins. HAPPY KISS DAY!

25. Jati nhi ankho se surat apki, jat nhi dil se mohabbat apki. mehsus ye hota hai jene k liye pahle se jyada jarurat hai apki. I love you.

26. N every time you kiss me. I feel on top of the world!

27. Sending a kiss to say happy kiss day.

28. The only thing that I will always have are the memories. Happy Kiss Day!

29. Hotho se tere hotho ko gila kar du tere hotho ko mai aur bhi rasila kar du. tu es kadar pyar kare ke pyar ki intaha ho jaye. tere hotho ko chhus kar tuze aur bhi joshila kar du!

30. Kiss you all day all night, HAPPY KISS DAY!

31. Kisses real what two hearts feel. I want you! I need you! I love you!

32. I just need that one person who will stand by me no matter what?

33. Raat ki tanhaiyon me toh koi bhi yaad kar leta hai.. jo subah uthte hi yaad kare mohabbat us ko kehte hain.. best morning dear.. have a nice day.

34. Talash karo koi tumhe mil jayega, magar hamari tarha tumhe kaun chahega, zarur koi chahat ki nazar se tumhe dekhega, magar ankhein hamari kahan se layega..!!

35. True love is when a boy asks the girl for a kiss and girl simply closes her eyes and allows the boy for a kiss…. but the boy kisses on the forehead and says I have a whole life to do that…!!!

36. A mother is she who can take the place of all others, but whose place no one else can take.

37. Kisi gair se ishq karne ka kabhi mat sochna, kyu ki, sirf me hi kaafi hu tumhe zindagi bhar chahne ke liye.

38. Love is heat. you are sweet. when two lips are meet. love is complete.

39. Take chances when you’re young so that you can tell stories when you’re old.

40. Kiss me like you would savor a cup of hot chocolate on a rainy morning. kiss me like a fire would raze a forest to the ground.

41. I don’t want to kiss her, but I want to tell her how beautiful she is.

42. Happiness is like a kiss you must share it to enjoy it.

43. Chalo ankho se tum door sahi.. dil se kahan jaogy.

44. Chhoone de tere hotho ko aaj apne hothon se.. na badal tu apni nigahen, meri nigahon se.. mai kho jaun tujhme, tu kho jaye mujhme,. na jaga mujhe tu baar-baar apni baton se..

45. When you kiss and it feels like “finally”.

46. Happy Kiss day! neck kisses work every time.

47. Romentic poem breathless kisses.

48. Kiss me when you are sad, kiss me when you are happy and always do the same till I die.

49. I’ll make up for all the years I was supposed to be kissing you.

50. My lips are the gun. my smile is the trigger. my kisses are the bullets. label me a killer.

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