Happy Veterans Day Quotes And Sayings

Happy Veterans Day Quotes And Sayings 2017: It’s time you must be searching some of the best quotes on the veterans day to say thank you. We have surf the internet for you and pick few most amazing quotes.

Normally people celebrate the Veterns Day on the 11 November, 2017. So, stay tuned with for more such best veterans day quotes and sayings of 2017.

Happy Veterans Day Quotes And Sayings 2017

Happy Veterans Day Quotes And Sayings 2017

1. “Honor to the soldier and sailor everywhere, who bravely bears his country’s cause. Honor, also, to the citizen who cares for his brother in the field and serves, as he best can, the same cause.”

2. “Veterans are a symbol of what makes our nation great, and we must never forget all they have done to ensure our freedom.”

3. “The willingness of America’s veterans to sacrifice for our country has earned them our lasting gratitude.”

4. “My approach to public service is straightforward: I fight every day for New Jersey families, small businesses, veterans, and seniors and work to change the way business is done in Washington.”

5. “I’m extremely grateful to all the first responders, veterans and their families for all their sacrifices.”

Happy Veterans Day Quotes And Sayings 2017

6. “It is unacceptable that disabled veterans in Illinois rank at the bottom of the list when it comes to disability pay. We owe our disabled veterans more than speeches, parades and monuments.”

7. “The sanctity of our battlefields, monuments, and veterans institutions is of utmost importance to preserve military history and pay respect to those who fought.”

8. “I would just say there is one misperception of our veterans, and that is they are somehow damaged goods. I don’t buy it.”

9. “America’s disabled veterans answered our country’s call, and when their time in uniform is done, our country must stand with them.”

10. “Killing people is easier than it should be.” Dad put on his beret. “Staying alive is harder.”

Happy Veterans Day Quotes And Sayings 2017

11. “To my mind, a mix of veterans and rookies is number one on the list of ‘things that make a good Avengers team.’”

12. “I’m extremely grateful to all the first responders, veterans and their families for all their sacrifices.”

13. “Veterans come from all walks of life, and they live in small towns and big cities, in red states and blue states.”

14. “The Marine Corps forced me to come home from Afghanistan. It’s up to me to allow myself to come home.”

15. “The American people know the economy is too weak. Too many of them are suffering. So the question for Washington is, are we going to continue to play political games and – and – or are we going to say, we can do something right now to create jobs, to put money in the pockets of the middle-class, hire construction workers, teachers, veterans?”

Happy Veterans Day Quotes And Sayings 2017

16. “The Marine Corps forced me to come home from Afghanistan. It’s up to me to allow myself to come home.”

17. “America’s Veterans have served their country with the belief that democracy and freedom are ideals to be upheld around the world.”

18. “You’ve been so used to fighting Wars with a gun in your hand that you forget to put it down. Not every fight requires a weapon of some kind, and not everything is a fight.”

19. “I hope to live long enough to see my surviving comrades march side by side with the Union veterans along Pennsylvania Avenue, and then I will die happy.”

20. “What about the scar … in my face.” He managed to force out, couldn’t
find the words, no better nor easier way to ask and even plead. Do you want me.
Do you honestly still want me?
Please, want me.”

Happy Veterans Day Quotes And Sayings 2017

21. “Whether it’s developers or industry veterans on the business side, top talent likes to work together.”

22. “I’ve learned, Agent Sanders, most warriors feel the same way after they’ve come back from the battles where men in expensive suits and leather chairs send them. We keep asking and asking you to do the impossible and even when you succeed it seems the world doesn’t change all that much. Don’t let that diminish your sacrifice, and that of your family waiting at home. Your country is proud of you.”

23. “We pretended there was no problem with Agent Orange after Vietnam and later the Pentagon recanted, after untold suffering by veterans.”

24. “Times were tough but when you’re young and have a loving family you know that you will all get through it.”

25. “Thank you for the sacrifices you and your families are making. Our Vietnam Veterans have taught us that no matter what are positions may be on policy, as Americans and patriots, we must support all of our soldiers with our thoughts and our prayers.”

Happy Veterans Day Quotes And Sayings 2017

26. “By 1989, the total number of Vietnam veterans who had died in violent accidents or by suicide after the war exceeded the total number of American soldiers who died during the war.”

27. “The object of my relationship with Vietnam has been to heal the wounds that exist, particularly among our veterans, and to move forward with a positive relationship,… Apparently some in the Vietnamese government don’t want to do that and that’s their decision.”

28. “As anyone who has experienced it will know, war is many contradictory things. There is brutality and heroism, comedy and tragedy, friendship, hate, love and boredom. War is absurd yet fundamental, despicable yet beguiling, unfair yet with its own strange logic. Rarely are people ‘back home’ exposed to these contradictions — society tends only to highlight those qualities it needs, to construct its own particular narrative.”

29. “Since the Revolution, eight generations of America’s veterans have established an unbroken commitment to freedom.”

30. “In World War One, they called it shell shock. Second time around, they called it battle fatigue. After ‘Nam, it was post-traumatic stress disorder.”

Happy Veterans Day Quotes And Sayings 2017

31. “Although we can never fully repay our veterans, on Veterans Day we thank our veterans for their selflessness and commit to do what we can to improve the quality of life for our veterans and military families in communities across America.”

32. “As a business owner don’t think your limitations, think business; it’s all about business.”

33. “Well, look at what people are doing for returned veterans now. The wounded warriors. They’re working hard to make the wounded veterans feel that they are loved and welcomed home, unlike Vietnam. It was not a very kind, gentle world then. I think we are kinder and gentler.”

34. “One difficulty that someone who has been in military/government service during war has, is reconciling his/her pride with their horror.”

35. “America’s veterans embody the ideals upon which America was founded more than 229 years ago.”

Happy Veterans Day Quotes And Sayings 2017

36. “The events of that day would forever be remembered, and they stood together as a united Marridon, a nation that would lead in innovation and liberality, taking up the thread that had been left for them, the essence of selfless love woven along a national loom.”

37. “On this Veterans Day, let us remember the service of our veterans, and let us renew our national promise to fulfill our sacred obligations to our veterans and their families who have sacrificed so much so that we can live free.”

38. “In the treaty were provisions for the hundred thousand veterans left maimed and irrevocably mute throughout the city. As is the way of things, their sacred places and comforts have dwindled to a lonely strip of shoreline and a polite nod whenever they are passed in the street.”

39. “I cannot, or will not, take the freedoms this country offers for granted. But these freedoms have come with a price so many times. The sacrifices made by our veterans are reminders to us of this.”

40. “The brave men and women, who serve their country and as a result, live constantly with the war inside them, exist in a world of chaos. But the turmoil they experience isn’t who they are; the PTSD invades their minds and bodies.”

Happy Veterans Day Quotes And Sayings 2017

41. “As we try to compete in this global marketplace, we need to rebuild our infrastructure. We need to rebuild our schools. We need to make sure that teachers and first responders and veterans who are coming home from serving our country so proudly have jobs waiting for them.”

42. “The truth will set you free!”

43. “The veterans of our military services have put their lives on the line to protect the freedoms that we enjoy. They have dedicated their lives to their country and deserve to be recognized for their commitment.”

44. “When the power of LOVE is more important than the love of money, religion and power, and people realize that the most important things in this life are NOT things,the world will finally know peace.”

45. “While only one day of the year is dedicated solely to honoring our veterans, Americans must never forget the sacrifices that many of our fellow countrymen have made to defend our country and protect our freedoms.”

Happy Veterans Day Quotes And Sayings 2017

46. “When I crawled down the rabbit hole into the pivotal event of my life–indeed the pivotal event of my generation–to write “Escape from Saigon – a Novel” I never expected it to be such an emotional journey into a life I left four decades ago.”

47. “I want people to take the initiative to find veterans that need help, veterans that are suffering and in need of assistance reintegrating from combat back into society, into normal family lives and jobs. We need to take a real ‘boots on the ground’ approach to helping veterans in need.”

48. “They were all in and they were all together, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

49. “Our love, our gratitude, our admiration for our men and women in uniform, our veterans and their families – all of that is bigger than any one party or any one election.”

50. “In the aftermath, we are because they were.”

51. “Have you ever stopped to ponder the amount of blood spilt, the volume of tears shed, the degree of pain and anguish endured, the number of noble men and women lost in battle so that we as individuals might have a say in governing our country? Honor the lives sacrificed for your freedoms. Vote.”

Happy Veterans Day Quotes And Sayings 2017

52. “Damn the wars but bless the soldier.”

53. “My dad once told me that his biggest challenge after returning from Vietnam had been coming to terms with his own callousness. He’d made a deal with the war and traded his humanity for a ticket home.”

54. “See it, learn it, do it ALL.”

55. “Do not wait and hope to be discovered…make yourself so you cannot be denied!”

56. “To The Veterans of the United States of America
Thank you, for the cost you paid for our freedom, thank you for the freedom to live in safety and pursue happiness, for freedom of speech (thus my book), and for all the freedoms that we daily take for granted.”

57. “One look at each other and it was immediately understood that they both needed a clean slate,,, The obliteration of memory.”

58. “Support our troops!” we cry, but I say, “Love our veterans!” And when he neglects church, take him cookies anyway. Sing him a song. Pet his cat.”

59. “Small changes among the masses, can have a massive impact across the world.”

60. “Truth has a resonance to it that fills the cracks where falsehoods lie.”

Happy Veterans Day Quotes And Sayings 2017

61. “All the blogs Christian,Military, Christian,Military, Operations Christians,Christ,Jesus,God,Prophecy and Ministry around the world.Warriors following Christ.”

62. “We’ve found when soldiers help other soldiers, or military members of any service, it helps them, too.”

63. “Where there is a will, there is a way!”

64. “Killing is the ultimate refutation of our own humanity.”

65. “You’ve been told that you’re broken, that you’re damaged goods and should be labeled victims. I don’t buy it. The truth, instead, is that you are the only folks with the skills, determination, and values to ensure American dominance in this chaotic world.”

Happy Veterans Day Quotes And Sayings 2017

66. “I was a telemarketer in my senior year at high school. I had to sell prosthetic limbs to paralysed veterans. I was making 150 bucks a week and it was horrible.”

67. “The University of Southern California has a wonderful social work department, and I was thrilled to find out that they have a whole veterans’ initiative program there. They approached me, and I set up a scholarship that would go to a military-oriented person to learn techniques and skills to better help veterans.”

68. “I believe that the role of limited government should be looking after the needs of veterans, the elderly, children and those institutions that improve the quality of life for struggling families – I don’t believe that government should bend to serve the needs of subsidized multi-national corporations and entitled billionaires.”

69. “While victimhood in America is exalted, I don’t think our veterans should join those ranks.”

70. “Veterans report that service dogs help break their isolation. People will often avert their eyes when they see a wounded veteran. But when the veteran has a dog, the same people will come up and say, ‘Hi’ to pet the dog and then strike up a conversation.”

Happy Veterans Day Quotes And Sayings 2017

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